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Name: Cassidy
Age: 15 (turning 16 on Saturday)
Marital status: Not married, dating for a year
Location: New York

Color: Forest green
Movie: Rocky VI
Actor: Sylvester Stallone
Actress: Audrey Hepburn
Song: "No Easy Way Out" Robert Tepper or "American Idiot" by Green Day (its hard to choose for me)
Bands/singer: Green Day, Nirvana, Elvis, Ashlee Simpson, AC DC, and Survivor
Show: Charmed

1st thing that comes to mind when you think of....
beautiful: that Christina Aguilera song
Homosexuality: Catholic Church
Abortion: Dogma
Stereotypes: Blonde bimbo
pre-marital sex: tough to resist
drugs: crack is wack
Britney Spears: her fiancee is ugly

_____ or _____
Britney or Christina? Britney. I like her new cd, its real trippy and a good listen. But I really don't like this whole engagement thing. That guy seems so skeevy.
Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan? Lindsay Lohan. I remember that girl from the Parent Trap. Now she's all getting kind of wacked out too, we'll see how that turns out soon...
Bush or Kery? Bush all the way.
East coast or West coast? East Coast. New York City is my hometown how could I not?
Pop or Punk? Uh...it depends on which kind of each but in general I'd say punk
Boys or Girls? Boys
Winter or Summer? Summer
The OC or One Tree Hill? One Tree Hill..never seen the OC. I guess I live in a TV cave
Pink or Black? Both of them together. That looks hot.

Questions just because...
what color is michael jackson really? off-white or creme
how much do you think monica lewinski really weighs? Haven't seen pictures lately, but maybe 195 or something
Are Lindsay Lohan's boobs real? Its hard to explain this away
How do you feel about the "war" in iraq? I'm not sure whats up with the quotations but I think Hussein did present a real threat to the world and liberating that country will be something that Americans can be proud of.
Is orange the new pink? Nothing can replace pink. Ha, as if...

What do you think about this community? I think its more than your average rating community, with the whole face-off.
WHy do you want to join? For the reasons I listed above, its more than a regular rating comm which can get boring after a while.
why do you think we should accept you? Because....someday I'm going to rule the world? Ha, actually because I'm active and don't come off as a bitch. Hopefully. On a nice day.
Do you have anything specail about you that we should know? uh...I act. Thats the only thing special about me at the moment.

Viola! Here are my pictures!

Kind of a crummy picture, but I like my outfit and its a body pic.
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I have seen you in like every community I am in.. lol..

Nothing really stood out to me.. so its a weak no i suppose..
ur cute! :) yes!!
Sure...I don't think I've seen any other girl on any community who listed AC DC as a favorite band. I love them! Good Luck~!