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Name: Ariel
Age: 15
Marital status: Single
Location: Stephens City, Va

Color: Pink
Movie: How High?
Actor: Will Smith
Actress: Angilina Jolie
Song: "Breaking The Habit"-LP
Bands/singer: Linkin Park, ICP, Korn, Slipknot
Show: Wanna Come In? Boiling Points, Your Face or Mine?, Degrassi

1st thing that comes to mind when you think of....
beautiful: Christina Agulara her song Beautiful
Homosexuality: my friend
Abortion: against it
Stereotypes: they piss me off: they judge you before they even know you, also they're 2 faced bitches
pre-marital sex: i'm for it...as long as you know your going to marry that person or if your in love with that person
drugs: drugs are...grr i just dont like them never tried them never will. i have a future ahead of me
Britney Spears: slut and i dont like her

_____ or _____
Britney or Christina? christina
Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan? Lindsay Lohan <3'd the movie "Freaky Friday"
Bush or Kerry? Kerry
East coast or West coast? i live on the east coast..so west..im sick of the east coast lol i wanna go to cali
Pop or Punk? punk totally
Boys or Girls? boys
Winter or Summer? summer
The OC or One Tree Hill? neither i dont like drama soap operas
Pink or Black? pink

Questions just because...
what color is michael jackson really? black..he got his skin bleached
how much do you think monica lewinski really weighs? probably around 250 pounds
Are Lindsay Lohan's boobs real? probably she's only 17 you have to be 18 to get a boob job
How do you feel about the "war" in iraq? war is not the answer..thats all im going to say
Is orange the new pink? hell no

What do you think about this community? i think its awesome :)
WHy do you want to join? because i like the show plus i want to rate people not rape lol
why do you think we should accept you? because im nice :) lol no because i think i could help the mods do wonders for this..like making promotional banners and such...go look @ my community
Do you have anything special about you that we should know? i can make a 3 leaf clover with my tounge, i can put my foot behind my head...hmm...oh yeah i can belly dance w/ my tounge :)

*one on the left*

*one on the left*
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