Sarah|Elizabeth (_sweetsarah_) wrote in myface_or_yours,

This is our first comparison to see who has a prettier face, so vote now!!! call_him_crazy : </p>




_sweetsarah_ :  


REMEMBER....judge by their face and when commenting put their username in the subject box, and then you could tell why if you would like to.

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the scarf shows better fashion and love the low cut tank.. shows confidance..
as far as the face goes..
I like lighter hair and freckles aren't my thing!
wow, this is really hard. You're both adorable, I don't want to sound mean. buuuuut _sweetsarah_ has an awesome scarf as well ;)
Ugh sorry I am retarded. *sigh*
because i like her confidence in the pic w/ the scarf its overwhelming so deff. _sweetsarah_
you cannot vote.
excuse me. i didnt know. call_him_crazy didnt say yes or no before i posted my opinion on who i picked and i assumed that i was in bc it would have been a 3/2 vote Yes/No
i ddint say it being mean, i was just re-enforcing the rules so clam down. and she voted now so i was just letting you know, you are no eligible/allowed to vote.
cute cute cute photos!! omg i love the first one (i luv the playground)
I'm going against the crowd here and voting for call_him_crazy. Both of the girls are really pretty and it was a tough decision.